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Alex returned to the New Wimbledon Studio with Arrows and Traps for a second time to play the coming-of-age Prince Malcolm in their production of Macbeth.

The show starred David Paisley and long time arrow Cornelia Baumann as the infamous Mr. and Mrs. Macbeth and gained much credit for the gender-swapping in the show with both Duncan (Jean Apps) and Banquo (Becky Black) changed to women in a female majority production.

"Alex Stevens also puts in a striking performance when he reappears as the victorious Malcolm"

Laura Peatman, The Play's The Thing

"the best fringe production of this difficult play I have ever had the pleasure to see."

Kevin Quarmby, Remote Goat

Second Sons

Alex is a founding member of the Second Sons Theatre Company.


Further information about their work can be found here.

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