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Recent Work

Short Films

At the start of 2017 Alex worked on a series of short films with various Universities around London.

To date Alex has done 4 films in 2017, these were:

Stan - Ravensbourne University

The story of a lowly office worked trapped in a cycle of isolation and depression.

Worthless - University College London

A university student struggles to cope as people around the world begin disappearing and he alone can remember them.

The Bend - Middlesex University

A family returning from holiday are involved in a hit and run incident and then come to blows when the father refuses to turn back.

His Last Night - Greenwich University

A fictional account of Jack the Ripper's final night as he stalks his next prospective victim and is shocked to find that in her he has found a kindred spirit. Unable to go through with the murder, his resulting internal struggle drives him to madness.

These films will be posted on the "Media" page of this website as they become available, hopefully with a Showreel to follow soon after.

Second Sons

Alex is a founding member of the Second Sons Theatre Company.


Further information about their work can be found here.

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