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Swan Bake - Edinburgh '17

After being nominated for a Brighton Fringe award for excellence in 2016, Second Sons took their flagship show "Swan Bake" to Edinburgh in 2017. Alex reprised his role as the erratic and domineering Father Rupert.

27 shows in 27 days at the C Royale venue in the heart of Edinburgh. It was a big step up from Seconds Sons' previous tours in length and workload but at the end of the month we had received loads of fantastic feedback from elated and sometimes quite shaken audience members. On top of that Swan Bake was shortlisted as a "Must See" show by the National Student Drama Festival and offered a slot in the 2017 line up for Soho Theatre's festival of emerging talents "Soho Rising".


Second Sons

Alex is a founding member of the Second Sons Theatre Company.


Further information about their work can be found here.

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