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Richard III

Front Foot theatre's Richard III at the Cockpit Theatre, 12 Oct - Nov 4.

Alex joined the cast in early 2017 for a unique version of Shakespeare's classic heavy on stage combat, puppetry and clowning. Lawrence Carmichael, director, had a strong background in stage fighting both for theatre and screen and he brought all of his expertise Shakespeare's classic. The fights, often involving the entire cast and taking place right in front of the audience, added a brutality and realism to the show that had audiences unable to turn away.

Alex, like most of the cast, played a variety of characters during the play. From the spoiled and out of his depth "Grey" to the remorseful child murderer "Tyrell". As well as this and the demanding fight scenes, Alex also helped bring to life one of the two young puppet princes.

Opening Fight

Tyrell Monologue


Everything Theatre - "Offering some of the most breath-taking fights I’ve ever seen on stage, elements of mime and puppetry, brilliant comedic gems and Hardy’s unforgettable performance, Front Foot Theatre’s Richard III is for sure an unmissable production and one of the highlights in my personal experience."

LondonTheatre1 - "everything you could wish from a Shakespearean tragedy and is an absolutely superb production"

View from the Cheap Seat - "notable performances include, the remorse of Alex Stevens as James Tyrell, his distress at murdering the two princes felt genuine."

Theatre Box - "The battle scenes are beyond incredible. Involving the entire cast, the fights are heart- thumping adrenaline-rushes, climactic brawls worthy of HBO or Hollywood."

Theatress - "the setting, design and exceedingly good acting came together seamlessly to produce a truly stunning representation of a much loved story."

Second Sons

Alex is a founding member of the Second Sons Theatre Company.


Further information about their work can be found here.

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