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The White Rose Production Shots

The White Rose

by Ross McGregor produced by Arrows & Traps Theatre

Based on a true story, The White Rose recounts the final days of Sophie Scholl, a 21-year-old student, who led the only major act of German civil disobedience during the Second World War. Sophie, along with her brother Hans, published underground anti-Nazi leaflets calling for the peaceful overthrow of Hitler.

This timely and provocative play tells her story and explores the role that German citizens played in the rise of Hitler. This play examines the moral strength and courage that led a group of young people to risk their lives for a righteous, dangerous cause. This production marks the 75th anniversary of Sophie Scholl’s execution.

Seven-time Off West End Award Nominated Arrows & Traps Theatre return to the Jack after their sold-out run of Chekhov’s Three Sisters.

Press for this production

The White Rose is a stunning production that tells this inspirational story with intelligence, integrity and passion. Grab a ticket while you can. ★★★★★ Fairy Powered Productions

Arrows & Traps have produced an astonishing show…The first half is told through joyous, hopeful, witty flashbacks, with some brilliantly quotable lines… McGregor gives us a story of a young generation’s courage, as they fight to reclaim their country from those who are destroying it. ★★★★★ Stage Review

A production that grips from start to finish. National tour, please ★★★★★ London Pub Theatres

Between the well-developed characters across the board, the choreography that allows the scenes to effortlessly flow into each other and a myriad of other elements The White Rose is an exceptional production… a reminder that ‘speaking out’ is never a ‘passive’ option – that’s one’s words do matter and have consequences. It also serves to remind us that true bravery isn’t about being fearless, but being scared and doing the right thing anyway. ★★★★★ Breaking the Fourth Wall

This is a strong and emotional piece that people should go down to Brockley to see. I hope it will transfer or go on tour, as this story is extremely important to remember. ★★★★★ Pocket Size Theatre

The White Rose really is a production where everything has come together beautifully… it cannot be faulted and, If I had my way, a pretty sharpish transfer to the west end would definitely follow this run at the Jack ★★★★★ Lastminute Theatre Tickets

The company specialises in making the past feel modern, and as young people everywhere protest… this play could not feel more relevant. ★★★★★ The Upcoming

A provocative piece of real historical drama that will make you examine your life – and be thankful you’ve the freedom to live it. ★★★★ Entertainment Focus

a richly poignant and artistically cinematographic production…an eye-catching production with an important message of remembrance ★★★★ Spy in the Stalls

The outstanding ensemble cast don’t put a foot wrong – both metaphorically and literally; like all Arrows productions, this is a play where every movement has meaning – and make us feel every emotion: there’s desperation and anger in abundance, but in lighter moments we’re also given the chance to appreciate the optimism and camaraderie of young people who want to make the world a better place. The Blog of Theatre Things

This is one of the highest quality fringe productions I have seen in a while View from the Cheap Seat

Arrows and Traps hit the mark once more with the deeply moving The White Rose at the Brockley Jack Theatre There Ought to be Clowns

Second Sons

Alex is a founding member of the Second Sons Theatre Company.


Further information about their work can be found here.

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