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About Alex


3 year BA (hons) Acting at

Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts

1 year Foundation at the London Drama School

Represented by

RWG Management

Alex - Headshot 03.jpg

BASSC - Rapier & Dagger, Unarmed (Pass)

UKA 19th and 20th Century Dance (Gold)

Full clean driving license & valid passport

Dual citizen (British/Indian)

Other Skills

Stage experience with axe, sword & shield
Moderate puppetry & mask experience
Extensive stage movement experience
Stage experience in clowning


Highly Skilled: Football, Skiing

Skilled: Tennis, Squash, Table-tennis, Rugby, Cricket, Basketball, Snooker, Swimming, Scuba



Baritone, Tenor


UK - RP (native), Heightened RP, London, Cockney

American - General, Southern

International - S. African, French, German, Swiss, Eastern European, Russian

Acting Experience

Extensive fringe theatre experience
Extensive repertory theatre experience
Moderate touring experience
(Ed Fringe '14 & '17, Brighton Fringe '16)

Moderate filming experience (short films)

Moderate production experience


Offie Nomination - Male in supporting role

In Depth

After leaving Italia Conti, I co-founded Second Sons Theatre Company.

Our debut show "Swan Bake" written & directed by company artistic director Samson Hawkins, was nominated for the IYAF (International Youth Arts Festival) Best Young Production at the Brighton Fringe Awards 2016.

We went on to the Edinburgh Fringe in 2017 where it was shortlisted for the NSDF (National Student Drama Festival) award.

The show was also selected by Soho Theatre for a one off performance as part of their Soho Rising Festival.

For more information about Second Sons,

click the banner.

I joined repertory theatre company Arrows & Traps in 2015. 

Originally specialising in Shakespeare before moving on to adaptations of classic texts and new writing, Arrows and Traps have produced 5 star shows in fringe venues across London.

I've worked with A&T on ten occasions, first in "Titus Andronicus", then "Macbeth", "The Gospel According to Philip" and finally in their rep season with "Othello" and "Twelfth Night" performed on alternate nights.

After over a year away from the company, I returned to Arrows & Traps to play Willi Graf in their World War II drama "The White Rose: The Story of Sophie Scholl" which opened to critical and public acclaim, receiving an Offie nomination (Off West End Theatre Awards) for best production.

I then played Dr. Jack Seward in Arrows and Traps' new adaptation of "Dracula" for which I received my first personal Offie nomination for "male in a supporting role".

In Arrows & Traps "Female Firsts" repertory season we chose to run two plays on alternating nights. "Taro" recounted the tragic but inspiring life of Jewish refugee turned war photographer Gerda Taro and "Gentleman Jack" presented the  story of Britain's first modern lesbian,  the 19th century industrialist Anne Lister via her recently decoded diaries.

In "Taro" I played David "Chim" Seymour; a fellow refugee and friend to Gerda and a talented photographer in his own right. And in "Gentleman Jack" I played John Lister; a descendent of Anne's who discovers the secrets of her diaries but chooses to leave them hidden so as not to reveal his own homosexuality and damage his political career.

Both plays were well received with "Taro" gaining multiple 5 star reviews and "Gentleman Jack" being nominated for 2 Offies; best new play and best director.

I celebrated my 10th production, during which I surpassed 150 shows with Arrows & Traps, with a more light hearted turn in madcap comedy "One Giant Leap". Marking the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, "One Giant Leap" was an homage/parody of the Apollo 11 mission. Alex played secret service operative Agent Harris whose attempts to bribe/blackmail/coerce a low budget, Sci-fi TV company into creating a backup, fake moon landing on the eve of the real launch spiral out of his control.

Saint Cecilia.jpg

2022 is starting off with a bang. After  more than 2 years off the stage I'm returning to Arrows & Traps for their "Dyer's Hand" season.
We're performing 2 biographical plays on alternating nights.
"The Music of the Spheres" tells the story of composer Gustav Holst and "The Stars are Fire" follows the life of astronomer Cecilia Payne.
The shows run from the 18th of January to the 19th of February with tickets available


With theatres closed during the global pandemic, the last couple of years have mostly been devoted to building up my screen credits.
I worked on 2 short films & 3 features in 2021, including Nightpiece Media's "Saint Cecilia of Spiralence", a 1960's drama which is available to watch on Amazon Prime.


Holst & Payne.jpg
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