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The Gospel According to Philip

Arrows and Traps produced their first work of new writing with the raucous, religious comedy "The Gospel According to Philip." Drawing inspiration from Monty Python's Life of Brian, Gospel retold the story of Jesus and his disciples with dancing, walnuts and a bottle of babycham.

Alex played Paul, the self-loathing young disciple struggling between his own sexual curiosity and his desire to not spend eternity in hell. His conflict is made no easier by the group bully Judas who makes a point to remind Paul of what awaits him at every opportunity, whilst occasionally flirting with him just to confuse him further.

Alex played several other roles including the High Priest of Jerusalem, the crucifixion commentator Jim and a bridesmaid at the famous water-to-wine wedding.

The show ran for 10 days; 5 at the Brockley Jack Theatre in Lewisham and 5 days at N16 in Balham.

The show was excellently received and the playwright, Richard Melchior, hopes to expand the show before it returns to London.

"Alex Stevens’ sudden transformations from Paul’s nervy near silence into rabid wild eyed rants about the foulness of gays will make you squirm and laugh in equal measure."

Claire Roderick, Fairy Powered Productions

"the most excruciatingly funny fringe comedy I’ve ever reviewed."

Marianna Meloni, Everything Theatre

Second Sons

Alex is a founding member of the Second Sons Theatre Company.


Further information about their work can be found here.

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